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Books in the Lockdown


Waiting out the lockdown hasn't been all bad. It's given us time to finally do things we've wanted to do for ages like spring cleaning, appreciating the nature on our doorsteps and tackling aspirational projects with relish, which of course involves books!

Books have so many uses - reading and writing in are the two most common. But they also make great clocks too (check out our Etsy and Folksy stores for our current range of book clocks) or a quirky shelf if you're up for a bit of crafty DIY. They're also handy as doorsteps and flower presses, practising deportment, a makeshift step... 

It's always fascinating to discover how customers use the books they buy from us. Take a look at what our customers have been up to. A little home redecoration with a vintage Booktides book clock. And planning a novel! Now that's inspiring :  )

That's the beauty of books - whether you're reading their pages or creating your own world in them, or even using them to redecorate - they take you to new and wonderful places and make old places new. As Stephen King says:

'Books are a uniquely portable magic'

If you would like to learn how to make your own simple pamphlet-style notebook, take a look at our tutorial. And if you would like to learn how to turn an old book into a clock, sign up to our newsletter to receive a free tutorial and 10% off your first order with us. (Just click the teal 'Get 10% Off!' tab on the right of the screen.)

Happy writing, sketching, doodling, planning, redecorating and creative book-loving to all! 


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